Cardozie Jones

“Cardozie is an eloquent, experienced, facilitator, trainer, speaker, and oracle. He has addressed diversity, equity, and inclusion issues for me personally, and for me and my team professionally, in a manner that models best practice towards attaining the goals we are trying to achieve around inclusion and equity. I'm so grateful to have worked with him.”

Tiloma Jayasinghe

Chief Programs Officer

Nonprofit New York


Cardozie is deeply committed to supporting organizations, companies, and institutions in identifying and cultivating a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Cardozie believes that the heaviness of the work must not be experienced as insurmountable; he approaches each engagement as an opportunity for professional communities to engage in deep reflection and action to create change that is both necessary and possible.

Little-Known Facts

  • Born and raised in Philly
  • Wrote music and lyrics for an off-Broadway show
  • Is blind in his right eye, but affirms that when he lost his sight, he gained truer vision


Facilitation: leveraging a background in Applied Theater, Cardozie designs and implements workshops that center on storytelling, movement, critical thinking, and imagination.

DEI Strategic Planning: integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion values and goals into the tapestry of short- and long-term strategic plans.

Organization Identity Development: crafts multi-phase organizational change engagements to support teams in the design and/or re-imagining of mission, vision, and values statements.

Training Trainers: supports professional communities in sustaining DEI work by training appointed staff members and leaders in the art of holistic facilitation.

Leadership Coaching: helps leaders and people managers engender their teams and professional communities with feelings of respect, belonging, and purpose that move the organization beyond inclusion and toward interdependence.

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