Christiane Frischmuth

“[Christiane's] advice, professionalism, and deep understanding of the team's dynamics has truly helped the team and me.”


International Finance Corporation (IFC)


Christiane has an unwavering belief in personal and collaborative growth and transformation. She supports individuals by bringing forth their gifts and building community and partnerships.

Little-Known Facts

  • Is a wilderness vision quest guide and yoga teacher
  • Has lived, traveled, and worked on every continent
  • Has solo hiked the challenging John Muir and West Coast Trails


Individual and Team Coaching: over thirty years of coaching in various sectors, cultures, languages, and organizations; creating and accompanying innovative, results-based, action-learning processes.

Facilitation: more than thirty years’ experience designing and facilitating events, retreats, conversations, and multi-year processes to align teams, organizations, and multi-stakeholder alliances; build skills; and create healthy, nurturing environments.

Change Management: designing and facilitating results-oriented learning processes for teams that are focused on behavior change in complex environments.

Strategic Planning: using Logframe, Rapid Results, and WorkOut methodologies, together with innovative learning and monitoring practices, to ensure alignment on plans, roles, strategies, work plans, and communication.

Leadership Development: designing, facilitating, and training other trainers to deliver leadership development programs for managers and leaders globally and at all levels.

Personal Holistic Growth and Development: using somatic and artistic healing, mindfulness, time in nature, yoga, writing, and other practices to enhance individual growth, potential, well being, and passion.

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