Cindy Gardner

cindy gardner

“Cindy knows that the process by which we become extraordinary is a never-ending process; that there is no plateau to attain which does not sit below yet another plateau to strive for in our quest for quality of life, success, and balance. She brings it to the table each and every time you engage her. As a business owner, I am deeply grateful to have access to a mentor and coach of Cindy's caliber.”

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Cindy is passionate about raising consciousness and building courage. After a sixteen-year career in corporate, she stepped into the coaching arena, where she works with leaders from all walks of life. Cindy helps these leaders recognize and develop their potential, while helping to build their skills around the kind of traits that go largely undeveloped within organizations—the ones that are uniquely and deeply human and develop the heart every bit as much as the mind.

Little-Known Facts

  • A Starbucks skinny vanilla latte is the best way to kick-start her day
  • Is a certified Reiki Master
  • All things pop culture is her guilty pleasure


Leadership Development: produces synergistic results with clients in the areas of conscious leadership and courage-building, using research-backed frameworks, which include Energy LeadershipTM and Dare to LeadTM.

Personal & Professional Coaching: fosters the achievement of sustainable results with clients (individuals/teams/organizations) by helping them to discover themselves fully, express themselves more purposefully, and lead more dynamically, powerfully, and effectively.

Facilitation and Training: has a strong track record of guiding thousands of people on a transformational journey to discover their infinite, unlimited potential through her private practice working with organizations and teams and through her powerful work as Lead Trainer at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a global coach training organization.

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