Edward Bevan

“Ed gets it—he listens, understands complex issues and technologies, is able to distill insight, then clearly convey a point of view. He’s helped us shape powerful narratives and tell compelling stories about our work.”

Vineeta Durani

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

IBM Research


Edward helps leaders use strategic communications to get work done: engage a workforce, transform a culture, define and differentiate a brand, stimulate innovation, and convey unique perspectives on critical issues. He helps senior leaders improve their public speaking and presentation skills, and communications and marketing teams apply critical thinking and writing skills to current business challenges.

Little-Known Facts

  • Lapsed cellist; reviewed classical music in the late ‘90s
  • Most likely to be found working in the garden
  • Trying (for years) to master Mandarin
  • Never met an Italian red he didn’t love (nor an Islay malt)
  • Still hasn’t recovered from reading 1984, Anthem, Animal Farm, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451 in eighth grade


Strategic Writing: has written dozens of position papers and points of view for major corporations on topics ranging from water, smarter cities, Africa as a hotbed of innovation, the future of healthcare, and the changing relationship between governments and their citizens, to artificial intelligence, autonomic computing, and the physics of AI.

Innovation Culture and Management: created and led large-scale programs designed to stimulate innovation in a workforce (e.g., online brainstorming sessions for almost 200,000 employees); programs designed to showcase a company’s innovation prowess (e.g., the project to build a computer system capable of competing on Jeopardy!); and convened world leaders to unearth innovation opportunities at the intersection of technology, business, and society.

Employee Engagement: created employee engagement platforms (e.g., a monthly educational engagement experience for over 400,000 employees), as well as experiences to support culture transformation and skill enhancement (e.g., an integrated platform and hands-on experience where over 280,000 employees participated in learning about AI by building prototypes).

Brand Strategy and Management: helped organizations define existing attributes of their brand and character, identify gaps between the two, then create programs to advance the organization’s reputation and design employee-driven programs to transform to the desired state.

Communications Coaching and Training: trained teams to improve critical thinking and writing skills, including rhetorical approaches to articulating unique points of view; the avoidance of cliches, buzzwords, and jargon; and eschewing “business officiousness” to communicate more humanly and effectively.

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