Elaine Van Melle, Ph.D.

Elaine Van Melle

“Elaine's ability to apply a systems perspective to any situation has been valuable in helping me to recognize the dynamic influences on my work. This in turn helps me manage in uncertain and complex conditions!”

Cheryl Poth

Professor, Faculty of Education

University of Alberta


With a capacity for deep listening, big picture thinking, and evaluative skills, Elaine excels in providing organizations with strategic, evidence-based advice, in light of rapidly changing, complex contexts. She has a unique ability to identify opportunities for organizations to thrive based on future trends and the expectations of diverse stakeholders. Elaine applies her skills and experience to coaching individuals on how to find and act in accordance with their unique purpose.

Little-Known Facts

  • Is a proud mom
  • Has completed a half IRONMAN®
  • Has traveled to the Amazon rainforest
  • Has two adorable French bulldogs


Strategic Advising: With expertise in strategic planning and program evaluation, Elaine leads organizations through strategic, evolutionary adaptations that promote deep, transformative systems change. Early in her career, Elaine was involved in a significant realignment of mental health services from hospital-based to client-centered, community-focused care. For the past ten years, Elaine has been a valued collaborator on a national transformation of specialty physician education.

Life Coaching: Drawing from the Internal Family Systems model, Elaine works with individuals to find and create alignment between their inner purpose and day-to-day actions.

Research & Knowledge Translation: As an extensive reader, with expertise in mixed methods research, Elaine has a unique capacity to identify emerging trends in the fields of organizational and personal development.

Facilitation: Elaine has led numerous workshops helping others to develop their understanding and expertise in program evaluation and mixed methods research. In particular, these workshops focus on how to evaluate innovative initiatives by moving beyond the question of did it work?; thereby, creating a deep appreciation of the next “right” action.

Writing: Elaine is well published on the topic of evaluating educational innovations in the field of medical education. Most notably, her article in Academic Medicine entitled “Using Contribution Analysis to Evaluate Competency-Based Medical Education: It’s All About Rigor in Thinking,” was identified by the editors as one of three “must read” papers of 2017.

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