Erik Kieser

erik kieser

“I've found that many work-related challenges come down to team tension and conflict. Erik provides an invaluable set of skills as a coach, trainer, and strategic thinker. The impact of deficits in the ability of leaders and teams to negotiate and resolve conflict affect the bottom line through lost productivity and time. Erik helps managers set a new course for themselves and their team, restoring production and forward motion.”

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With his primary focus on helping individuals and teams think as clearly and as fearlessly as possible, Erik brings a clarity and sense of hope to difficult, tangled team problems. Erik believes that most business challenges can be resolved with the brilliance already present in the people trying to solve them.

Little-Known Facts

  • Is an inveterate “beach man”
  • Just published his first book, What If? The Art of Crushing Anxiety (2018)
  • Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV


Conflict Resolution/Management: has graduate training and seventeen years’ experience teaching effective “difficult conversations” skills, as well as mediating conflict for teams, including senior management teams.

 Anxiety/Stress Reduction: based upon thousands of hours of research, Erik has coached individuals and teams to address and significantly reduce the impact of ongoing worry and anxiety.

 Critical Thinking Skills: taught argumentation and critical thinking for ten years in San Jose, California, and has delivered business thinking workshops and webinars across the country.

Communications Training: has a B.A. and an M.A. in speech communication and has worked with a variety of business clients (corporate, nonprofit, and governmental) over the last two decades, training and coaching managers, C-suite executives, and line staff around team communication, customer service skills, and effective performance feedback.

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