John Griffin

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“The Ministry was grappling with the difficulty of a new inclusive government of former foes, which created tensions that affected the operations of the Ministry itself. John came into that situation in a foreign country and did a remarkable job identifying the sources of tension and in reconciling protagonists. The work he guided culminated in a new unity of vision, which played a major role in stabilizing the entire education sector in Zimbabwe. This, in turn, has proved invaluable for literally millions of Zimbabwean schoolchildren.”

Hon. David Coltart

Minister of Education



John supports individuals and groups as they explore and discover what drives leadership, change, innovation, and collaboration. John is deeply networked in diverse industries and sectors around the globe, and his capacity to build bridges and integrate fields of practice is as valued as his proven track record of delivering results.

Little-Known Facts

• Owns and manages a hardwood forest as a carbon offset for his travels
• Was offered photography and music scholarships for college, both of which are passions he still holds
• When not working, he is often found on safari or in some remote wilderness


Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships: has over three decades’ experience advising complex collaborative partnerships: from the early efforts in trans-boundary conservation twenty years ago to enhancing sustainability in the extractive industries to advancing neuroscience discovery for addressing critical health issues to achieving collaboration on space programs for NASA.

Executive Coaching: served as advisor to Wall Street CEOs during leadership transitions; consulted to ministers on major sectoral reforms; and supported deep transformation in dozens of individual leaders’ lives through heartfelt and challenging processes of raising awareness and achieving new action.

Systems Change: is artful at guiding systemic change using design thinking and other innovative approaches, and has done this for critical issues such as climate change at the United Nations; has spoken about systems change at National Geographic symposia; and is a co-author of the 2018 book, The Art of Systems Change.

Leadership Development and Training: is sought after across various sectors and around the globe for insights and guidance on leadership development; he is known for providing impactful interactive and experiential trainings, which create dramatic and lasting shifts in the shortest amount of time possible.

Facilitation: As one client summarizes, “John is a facilitation Jedi master. He has helped transform our organization’s approach to facilitation, meeting design, and team development processes.” Another element of his unique approach and style is summarized by another client, “John has the rare ability to combine strategy, complex content and working to find common ground among very divergent groups with fresh energy, fun, and laughter. He has helped me to see the facilitation of complicated, gut-wrenching interventions as exciting challenges.”

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