Julia Ritchie


Julia brings a unique blend of organizational development and leadership expertise to help mission-driven organizations maximize their impact. She has developed a consultative approach that builds on individual and organizational strengths; requires individual commitment and participation in solving challenges; and fosters personal and organizational growth.

Little-Known Facts

  • Loves to be outdoors, hiking, kayaking, walking, and swimming
  • Former Olympic-level swimmer who is still intensely competitive
  • Loves dogs and plans to retire and raise Labrador retrievers


  • Strategic Planning: has spearheaded strategic planning processes in four continents for a broad range of mission-driven enterprises, including: international nongovernmental organizations, philanthropic organizations, social enterprises, as well as federal and state public institutions.
  • Coaching: has a unique ability to say the difficult things that need to be said, and say it with care and compassion. She is a dynamic executive coach and strategic advisor with a unique approach that combines a rigorous drive towards excellence with humor and directness.
  • Consensus Building: has established a reputation for effectively managing group processes to promote dialogue, bridge agendas, build consensus, while successfully meeting project objectives.
  • Training and Performance Management: has developed nationally recognized training programs for numerous organizations throughout the country, and engineered performance management and staff development systems for over dozens of organizations.

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