Managing Director

Kelly Pradhan, Ph.D.

“When I first started working with larger-scale management issues, Kelly helped me make sense of what seemed like a chaotic or unresolvable set of conditions and inputs. ”

Jake Garcia

VP for Data and Technology Strategy

The Foundation Center


Kelly co-creates sustainable business models for the future by working with clients to embrace complexity and optimize their ecosystems.

Little-Known Facts

  • Loves arranging flowers
  • Is a lifelong learner and visual artist
  • Is dedicated to her meditation practice
  • Former gymnast


  • Managing Change: as a core member of GE’s highly successful WorkOut process, Kelly led numerous WorkOut events across many of GE’s businesses and developed facilitator training materials.
  • Innovation: has been engaged in IBM’s ACT (Accelerating Change Together) initiative since its inception: is a core member of IBM’s Global Innovation Outlook team and a prime contributor to IBM’s Smarter Planet Leadership curriculum design.
  • Talent Development: designed behavioral competency models and created alignment of HR systems around them to enable core strategic initiatives.
  • Organizational Diagnostics: as a Harbridge House feedback specialist, Kelly developed methodologies to obtain and analyze data pertaining to managerial and organizational performance issues.

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