Kevin Thompson

“Kevin has a great blend of analytical skills and private and social sector knowledge, which enables him to facilitate complex change with a very diverse client base.”

Teri Riddle

CEO & Founder

The Crossland Group


From managing a farm and agro enterprise in rural West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer to leading a global marketing organization at IBM, Kevin empowers individuals, teams, and organizations in the public, private, and social sectors.

Little-Known Facts

  • Father of two young boys who considers being a scuba diver his greatest lifetime achievement
  • Performed music in venues ranging from an old potato chip factory in Albany, New York, to the Capitol Building for a U.S. presidential inauguration
  • Developed and delivered a “Dance of Intimidation” for amused border guards to secure passage into Togo during an armed conflict


Marketing and Strategy: executive and management roles in brand management, digital, portfolio, market research, account-focused marketing, innovation programs, strategy, corporate citizenship, and field enablement for over fourteen years at IBM.

Leadership Development: applied experience in design thinking, agile development, global immersion programs, skill development, and organizational design, working with contributors and leaders from small nonprofits to large corporations.

Global Business Development: engagement with emerging markets, diverse cultures, global teaming, complex policy environments, product development, cross-functional collaboration, and increasing societal expectations of business.

Innovation: led IBM Innovation Programs group that delivered three-month engagements and workshops for clients on three continents in telecommunications, government, and banking.

Board Governance: over ten years of board experience spanning strategic planning, program development, executive search, and grant distribution for a range of nonprofit and social sector organizations, including a $75M community foundation.

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