Kim Indresano

“Each year, Kim arrived with her own creative ideas to collaborate with us on our project theme. She understood our specific branding and completed the job in a well-planned, flexible time frame. Execution was always smooth and all aspects were considered for the final piece of work.”

Wendy Geary

Marketing & Communications

New England Biolabs, Inc.


Kim is drawn to where creativity, business, and humanity intertwine and applies her storytelling, spontaneity, deft planning, and solution-finding acumen to everything she does. Kim is capable of coming into a situation and quickly grasping what’s needed to move forward productively while keeping perspective and meeting deadlines.

Little-Known Facts

  • Top thrill: hang gliding off an Australian cliff
  • Took her family on sabbatical in Southeast Asia
  • Has an impressive array of cookbooks that she actually uses
  • Loves to write and receive a good letter on nice paper


Artist and Business Owner: has been a professional photographer for over twenty years with superpowers that include putting people at ease, project management, and creative solution-finding.

Communication and Collaboration: has extensive experience applying a service and accountability lens to writing, copywriting, interviewing, and researching.

Creative Mindset: has a playful ability to see the art in everything while staying curious and constantly wondering, “what if… ?” and “let’s try that!”

Cultural Conversations: has a keen interest in all backgrounds and experiences, a trait she  has developed from years of adventurous travel.

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