Lawrence Epps, Jr.

“I have been through a number of these types of (strategic planning) workshops with large companies and Lawrence was truly one of the best facilitators.”

Jonathan Jenswold


@Work Search Group


Lawrence collaborates with senior executives to explore, define, and achieve the leadership and performance changes they aspire to at the individual, senior team, and organizational levels.

Little-Known Facts

  • As shocking as it may be to his thirteen-year-old granddaughter, he once had lots of hair!
  • Was once nicknamed “Ice Cream” by a close friend either because: (A) he was such a smooth basketball player (Lawrence’s version) or (B) he moved so slowly as a basketball player it was like watching ice cream melt (his friend’s version)
  • Is intensely competitive, but it’s not obvious at first
  • Has racked up over 2.5 million Frequent Flyer miles


  • Large-Scale Organizational Change: has a proven track record for helping leaders transform organizational performance by helping them to identify and rapidly address major obstacles to strategic goal achievement.
  • Strategic Alignment: proven capability of helping leaders to develop a strategic plan that ensures alignment with the organization’s culture and leadership approach.
  • Business Management: former IBM executive with over thirty years of global experience in the IT industry, including over fifteen years of executive consulting experience in the areas of leadership and organizational development, human capital management, and client satisfaction management.
  • Global Leadership: during tenure with IBM, led a global operations unit responsible for organizational effectiveness for a multi-billion-dollar sales unit. Also, worked with global IBM leaders as a senior consultant with IBM’s Global Executive and Organizational Capability unit.

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