Molly Alexander

“The growth I have been able to achieve in the last twelve months would not have been possible without Molly's help. Her ability to help me frame my thought process was an invaluable factor contributing to my development.”

Samir Ibrahim

CEO & Founder



Deeply committed to democratizing leadership in emerging markets, Molly is an intuitive, effective individual and team coach with proven strength for generating alignment of purpose and motivation to tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Little-Known Facts

  • Molly is most comfortable in sandals
  • Taught ESL and is conversational in Korean
  • One of four siblings, all born on different continents


Talent Management and Innovation: a proven track record of innovative design and facilitation of immersive learning experiences and strategic content development to improve organizational effectiveness and align culture with aspirational values.

Partnership and Leadership Strategy: more than 15 years’ experience across the social venture investment sector with outcomes that strengthen effective leadership and enhance collaborative partnerships.

Business Management: impact and experience working with both startups and mature teams across the US, UK, India, Pakistan, East and West Africa, and Latin America.

Business Development: fosters transformation and growth with the creation of strategic partnerships to reduce costs and enhance budget agility for improved scope and results, often in resource-constrained environments.

Leadership Development: systematic training approaches that leverage frameworks of systems change to cultivate capable, adaptive and purpose-driven leadership to enhance retention and employee engagement.

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