Taaka Awori

“Over the past few months, Taaka has supported me to become a better person and a better leader.”

Marlivn Jame Dadzie


Insight Newspaper


Taaka facilitates leaders and organizations to ensure that individual actions and organizational behavior is aligned with stated values.

Little-Known Facts

  • Couldn’t pronounce her own middle name properly until she was in her twenties
  • Has significant family in four countries: Uganda, Liberia, Ghana, and Kenya


  • Leadership Development: Significant expertise in designing and delivering leadership development programs that create impact and respond to critical leadership gaps.
  • Organizational Development: Substantive experience in strengthening organizational capacity to transform a system into one that delivers on its mission and enables the individuals who are part of that system to become better versions of themselves.
  • Facilitation: Over eighteen years’ experience facilitating groups to hold meaningful and, at times, difficult conversations while building trust. Skillful at managing group dynamics and ensuring achievement of desired outcomes.
  • Executive and Team Coaching: Demonstrated ability to create a safe space for individual leaders and management teams to increase awareness, generate learning, and take desired action to improve performance and strengthen alignment of behaviors with stated values.
  • Social Development: Significant experience in poverty analysis; policy analysis from a rights-based approach; social development and gendered perspective; and design and evaluation of civil society support programs.

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