CEO and Founder

Teri Riddle

“Teri’s leadership style is to listen—both down and across an organization. In doing so, she becomes aware of blockers and obstacles to change.”

Dr. Frannie Léautier

Former Chief of Staff to the President

World Bank Group


Teri builds meaningful relationships to enable leaders and teams to achieve tangible results. She searches for opportunities to build vibrant private companies and social sector organizations that wisely use resources to sustain a thriving global economy.

Little-Known Facts

  • Loves to sail the open seas
  • Sixth sense is the ability to spot a bargain—anywhere, anytime
  • Still has a strong desire to sing in a band someday
  • Has traveled to more than seventy-five countries and racked up over 1.5 million frequent flyer miles


  • Business Model Innovation: has a proven track record for helping leaders transform and sustain their business by provoking them to track trends and anticipate future possibilities.
  • Partnership and Leadership Strategy: twenty years of consulting experience enabling teams and individuals to build collaborative partnerships and leadership capability.
  • Business Management: founder and CEO of Crossland Group, former CEO of a Home Health and Hospice organization, nursing home administrator, and a bank Operations Officer
  • Global Leadership: works in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and the Americas to transfer knowledge to leaders at all levels who hail from a cross-cultural market base.
  • Strategic Combinations: works with companies to define options for consolidation, mergers, and/or acquiring new capabilities and businesses.
  • Certifications & Awards: named by Conscious Company Media as one of the top Conscious Business Leaders of 2019; certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator

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