Tim Plant

Tim Plant

“Tim brings a spirit of engagement and collaboration to the art of fund development that isn't always present in other leaders. He wants all stakeholders to share in both mission and sustainability. You can see this in the way he devises strategy, leads a team, stewards a donor, advises other leaders, and leads his daily life.”

Dale Erquiaga

President & CEO

Communities In Schools


Tim Plant enjoys creating strategies that build relationships among investors, leaders, stakeholders, and staff members so that passions and resources are aligned for success and so that all people can reach their full potential in pursuit of a shared mission.

Little-Known Facts

  • Loves baking desserts and crafting cocktails to make the most out of the ingredients
  • Believes traveling the country on a bike is the best way to experience it
  • Favorite time of year is November, which is National Novel Writing Month


Resource Development: has two decades of experience helping to raise hundreds of millions of philanthropic dollars for social justice causes, while ensuring that donor intent and mission are aligned and with an eye toward sustainability; writes strategic and resource development plans that maximize returns and build positive relationships.

Team Design and Talent Development: enjoys designing teams that capitalize on individual strengths and foster collaboration, while providing coaching to ensure individual, team, and organizational goals are achieved.  

Engagement Strategies: engages stakeholders with the mission of an organization to leverage talents and deliver maximum results.

Storytelling and Cases for Support: is a born storyteller, and loves to capture the essence of a cause and authentically craft narratives that inspire engagement, investment, and commitment.

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