We are fortunate to work with people and groups who are solving some of the world’s most pressing issues. The impact these organizations achieve will have far-reaching implications for our collective future—a future we want to be bright for everyone. We are honored to contribute to each client’s mission and their causes by providing our expertise and helping to drive positive change in our world.


Unlocking potential is an essential element of our work, and education is the key. We are passionate about supporting organizations that are empowering young people to learn, collaborate, and act while equipping them with the knowledge and skills to thrive.

We bring roadblocks into awareness, strengthen leaders, and co-create solutions that facilitate dramatic changes for the future of national and global education.

Social Justice

We are witnessing a new age of global social justice movements where rules for what is fair and just are being challenged everywhere.

Every human has the right to freedom, health, opportunity, and joy, and we are proud to support organizations pursuing these goals. Together with our social justice clients, we examine systems and root causes to drive tangible outcomes.

Public Health

We are profoundly affected by the devastation around the world caused by public health issues that could be solved with more efficient resourcing strategies, better leadership practices, and improved cross-sector collaboration.

Our clients are committed to initiatives that enable local economies to build stronger health systems; improve global health security; streamline drug supply chains; train capable health workers; and make advances in maternal health, HIV/AIDS, and universal health coverage.


We understand the dire need for world leadership at every level to move the complex imperative of environmental protection forward.

Clients tap into our strategic advice and analytical expertise to address a broad variety of environmental issues. They rely on us to build their capability to drive a measurable change management plan that can be both communicated and acted upon.


There is a huge pool of untapped female power in the world.

We are passionate about our role in breaking down the existing system and fostering confident, independent women and thriving girls. Our partnership with clients that focus on women and girls takes on many forms—we facilitate the design of female entrepreneurship programs, offer strategic support to drive global women’s rights, and provide coaching to female leaders.

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