Our breadth of experience spans a number of industries and enables us to be a cross-pollinator of ideas and innovation among our clients. Whatever the context, we ensure that relevant trends inform clients’ strategies and we encourage our clients to build trend-spotting capability into their organizations.


The healthcare industry has and will continue to experience tremendous challenges both in the domestic and global public health arenas.

From optimizing the patient experience using human-centered design with our domestic clients to helping our global public health clients develop diversified funding models or move to decentralized management structures, we serve as a strategic partner who understands the complex healthcare ecosystem and can help clients respond in this rapidly changing environment.


Accelerating change and building organizational capacity for innovation are essential to the future success of the technology sector.

Technology organizations often come to us with large-scale shifts in strategy or leadership. They are looking to leverage our expertise in human-centered design and rapid prototyping techniques in order to facilitate a quick, efficient transition within the organization.

Consumer Goods

Consumers expectations and behaviors are changing. The socially conscious consumer is pressing for supply chain transparency. Brand loyalty is becoming more and more elusive.

At the same time, social media and technology have enabled companies to be highly connected to their customers, and those who leverage this opportunity will have a significant competitive advantage. We help our clients engage consumers and make stronger connections with communities in order to build great brand awareness and customer loyalty.


Manufacturing businesses are often established, complex organizations that may struggle to develop the flexibility needed to leverage new opportunities in these rapidly changing times.

These clients look to our guidance to identify smart approaches to improve process efficiency and effectiveness. Through co-creation and cross-functional problem solving methods, we support new product development, employee engagement, and process realignment to increase tangible outcomes for manufacturing firms strongly invested in sustaining their futures.


According to some statistics, only about half of all new businesses are “alive at year five.” Other research suggests that the failure rate may be as high as 90 percent.

We partner with entrepreneurs to provide leadership support as they navigate through their exciting new ventures. Our focus in working with startups is on ensuring that an actionable strategy has been blueprinted and the right management talent has been assembled—a team that shares the passion of its founders.

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